Tourists with shopping bags and tree lights sparkling, the streets seemed to have gone back to normal during Christmas holidays in Hong Kong. Just a few days ago, scattered in streets were the banners, yellow ribbons, barricades, broken umbrellas, water bottles, students’ papers, study tables, first aid kits, and tents from the occupied zones….all that had remained from Hong Kong’s full-scale civil disobedience movement that started on September 28th, 2014. Followed by the clearance of streets, the Umbrella Movement has become an event that is ongoing yet branded in our minds and media, but we don’t know exactly how we all have been touched and affected. Nothing like that had ever happened before, as Hong Kongers and students rushed out onto the streets to protect their own rights for democratic elections in 2017, quietly sitting in streets for days next to their friends, classmates, teachers and family, their hearts occupied by anguish, frustrations, hope and love….

The photography exhibition “Love and Combat in Occupied Zones Exhibition” endeavors to provide a platform for all of you to reflect on this significant social movement, to pour out your emotions and aspirations by sharing your photos. One of the most significant aspect of this movement are the different types of art and photography that have sprung up, that were shared on the streets and on social media sites, and some of this outburst of creativity can be further documented and shared. The occupied zones were like an upside-down world where participatory social rituals and art forms were tested out, as it was a time of utmost violence and deep bonding.

Many citizens have used photography to make sense of these changes within an intense and unresolved political crisis. The exhibition will host a selection of these documents and invites all to submit samples of photography by logging into the Flickr account and by uploading a selection.

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