Ming Wong: Residency at CUHK

January to March 2016

About the Artist

Ming Wong is a Singaporean-born, Berlin-based contemporary artist working through performance and film.  His work is frequently exhibited internationally, most recently at the 2016 Sydney Biennale. More information: www.mingwong.org.

Six-Week Master Class on Cantonese Opera & Science Fiction

January to March 2016

An intimate, in-depth six-week seminar was held with Ming Wong discussing Cantonese opera, science fiction, exhibition design, and film and opera production.

Lost & Found Lecture on Cantonese Opera & Contemporary Art

23 February 2016

An evening with Ming Wong to discuss his work, his passions and his philosophy as it concerns the blurring the boundaries of gender and race and the renewal of Cantonese Opera through science fiction and contemporary art.

Exhibition "Notes toward a Chinese Science Fiction Opera" at Chung Chi College

9 March to 15 April 2016

A multi-media art exhibition exploring the link beetween the histories of Chinese Opera Cinema and Science Fiction in China. 

This residency and its associated events were produced in partnership with Chung Chi College, the Department of Cultural & Religious Studies, and the Centre for Cultural Studies CUHK.

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