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Recommended Reading

Here's what we recommend reading to learn more about Visual Culture Studies.

In English: 

Barthes, Roland. 1978.  Image-Music-Text.  New York: Hill and Wang.

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Chow, Rey. 1995. Primitive Passions: Visuality, Sexuality, Ethnography, and
Contemporary Chinese Cinema. New York: Columbia University Press.


Dikovitskaya, Margaret. 2005. Visual Culture: The Study of the Visual after the Cultural Turn. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

Foster, Hal, ed.  1988.  Vision and Visuality.  Seattle: Bay Press.

Jay, Martin and Sumathi Ramaswamy, eds. 2014. Empires of Vision: A Reader. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

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Nakamura, Lisa.  Digitizing Race: Visual Cultures of the Internet.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

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Mirzoeff, Nicholas (ed.). 1998. The Visual Culture Reader. New York and London: Routledge.

Pang, Laikwan. 2007. The Distorting Mirror: Visual Modernity in China. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press. (Chinese translation, 《哈哈鏡:中國視覺現代性》,  上海書店出版社, 2013.)

Silverman, Kaja. 2000. ‘Eating the Book.’ In The World Spectators, 29-50. California: Stanford UP.

Silverman, Kaja. 2009. Flesh of My Flesh. California: Stanford UP.

In Chinese: 

《關係美學》,尼古拉斯 博瑞奧德,金城出版社。


《在藝術終結之後: 當代藝術與歷史藩籬》,亞瑟 丹托,麥田出版社。


《從馬內到曼哈頓:當代藝術市場的崛起》,彼得 華生,典藏出版社。

Recommended Viewing

BBC TWO. New Tate Modern: Switched On. 2016.  

DW. Arts. 21. Documenta 14: Art in Kassel and Athens. 2017.

Vreeland, Lisa Immordino.  Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict. 2015.



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