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Immersive Media

2015-16 Portfolio

聽見 (Listening)

by Edmund Chan, Zhou Mengchen, Chiu Bowen, and Yin Wen

This story is about a deaf young man who is able to hear in the moment he touches someone or enters into a certain connection with someone. One day, this man is attracted to a woman at first sight while he is working in a cafe, but this woman never returns. The young man attempts another way in approaching this girl.

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2014-15 Portfolio

Write our Global Umbrella Stories

Many of us have our own umbrella stories. We store those stories as images, songs and video recordings in our cellphone. Today it is time to share and write about those memories. CUHKIM is an interactive multimedia forum to document those stories. Our project begins with four micro-cinema videos from students in the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies at CUHK. These student works tell us about lives in and feelings about Hong Kong after the Umbrella Movement. CUHKIM is a collective app writing project. We invite you to extend our narratives by sharing your umbrella stories with us. We will write our blossoming stories in a world that has no boundaries.

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building, building

by Li Linhui, Jiang Xiaoyan, Jiang Wanfang, Chen Chengfeng, Xu Yining

Interactive building game.


by Lu Chang, Lv Wei, Zhai Yue, and Peony

Wendy installed an app called Cloud, and then she disappeared. The police officer told her friends that recently quite some people have gone missing. Her friends finally got hold of her on phone, and together they found out that Wendy dropped into the virtual world in Cloud and could not get out. In the Cloud world, everyday is the same, Wendy met the same people who said the same thing to her everyday. She felt desperate and horrified, while her friends were trying their best to get her back to the real world…

My Friend

by Cynthia Wu

“I” am a story writer and my stories are all published online. I only believe in the fictional world, the virtual world. “She” is a fictional character I invented, although it seems that her stories keep developing no matter I write them or not. She appears in pieces of my life, and she is my only friend. I cannot control everything that happens to her, nor can I alter what has happened to her. Sometimes, I feel like her existence comes first, and then there comes my stories about her.

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Instructor: Prof. Chung Peichi

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