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City Imaginaries & Cinema Poetics

2014-15 Portfolio

The Expiration Date of My Hong Kong Life

by Wang Siyu

The police officer in Wong Ka Wai’s Chung King Express said that, everything has an expiration date. As for the director, so does her life in Hong Kong. Therefore, the minute she arrives here, she begins to worry, worry about her life here will expire in 365 days. She tries to remember all the streets she has walked by, and collect the receipts of everything she bought. Day after day, just like the police officer in the film, her fear gradually fades away, and she feels a bit curious about her life after the expiration date.

Life of Rhythm

by Li Sin Yung Cecilia

It's a smartphone microcinema shot by Apple iPhone 5s.

It's a story reflecting two extreme lifestyle, fast v.s. slow.;

We hope to arouse Hong Kong people attention on proper time management.

" Strive for balance in your life ! "

City of Twenties

by Jie Yanfei

Two voices, two cities, and hundreds of footages and moments made Cities of Twenties a poetic film. Via monologue, dialogue and montage, the director pushes us to re-investigate the cities we live in, cities that are at the same time familiar and strange to us. She narrates her daily thoughts and doubts about urban life, its ridicules and beauty. This film is a mixture of random feelings and visual contents. It bring us twenty minutes of roaming in thoughts, and then takes us back to the starting point again.


by Li Sin Yung Cecila

As a city which used to glorious, Hong Kong is witnessing a melodramatic change in its people and land. The director of this short film draws courage and wisdom for our fond memories of childhood, and reminds her fellow Hong Kongers try to be happy for the simple yet wonderful joys we get in daily life. Learn to appreciate the tiny things around us; you will discover that this city is so lovely.

A Mood in Hong Kong

by Qin Han & Qin Nuan

Wong Kar Wai’s films shaped many people’s imagination of Hong Kong, including the director of A Mood in Hong Kong. When she really set her feet on Hong Kong’s street, she feels strange, the city is not what it should be for her. And she keeps asking why, until she finds the answer in Mong Kok in the evening, because the neon lights, which for her symbolizes Hong Kong as a metropolis, is disappearing. Neon lights, they used to appear everywhere in movies and photos of Hong Kong, they connect Hong Kong from its past to its present, and they even stretched this string farther into the history, to the old Shanghai and New York. Visual documents have their own magic; they created another enchanting Hong Kong.

The Glass

by Canace Lam, Christopher Pin, & Melody Mui

THE GLASS looks at the extension of our body --- digital devices that became an integral part of our life. Inspired by smartphone addicts. 
Can the Glass give us all we need? Where is the Glass bringing you and I ?

Filmed with: iPhone 3 

Poem adapted from Song of Myself by Walt Whitman (1855)

Price Tag

by Annie Bu

In a passer-by’s eye, the highly regulated city of Hong Kong is a cold monster. People are adapted to the way capital processes: a highly-repetitive, fast-paces way of life. Each day, you go to work, work, get off work or work over time, endlessly shop around, and save enough to buy a fancy apartment. In a city where a bathroom in its uptown area could worth 2 million, everything seems to have its own pricetag. And then the director takes us to London where the past and present is perfectly melted together, where the rhythm of life is slower and calmer. What she wants to express here, is that we should sometime pause a minute and remind us that we deserve more, more than a pricetag.

iPhone Shopping Journey

by Cheng Siwei

Take the MTR and get off at Central, then walk across the long corridor that leads you to IFC, you’ll find the flagshop of Hong Kong’s Apple Store in front of your eyes. Passionate shoppers filled the space, iphones, and images of iphones are all around them. Then go somewhere else, say, Mong Kok. In the outdoor markets, you’ll see all kinds of goods, only cheaper. Nonetheless, as the camera stops, what you see again are iphone cases of different colors and sizes. Thus ends you Iphone journey, until next one.

Live in Tradition

by Neo Kuo & Karen Kuo

Tradition is not something that is finished and dead. It is all around of us, we just have to pay attention to find it. The director chooses Tokyo and Hong Kong as focus. The two are among the first Asian cities that started modernization process. Instead of presenting Tokyo and Hong Kong as the international cities, the director moves his camera around trivial details of daily life there. In food, communities, arts and architectures,  he finds the existence of traditions, he finds that we are actually living in our traditions all the time, and that we will bring our traditions into the future.

City Escape

by Wang Danchen

We build the city, and the city builds us. The director documents how he spent a whole day to escape from the city he lives in. He lets his legs, and then public transportations, elevators, alcohol and all kinds of wild thoughts lead him away from the city, only to realize that at the end of the day, he is still dwelling in the city. However, he also finds out that he is not the only one who is playing the escape game, everyone who drags himself on the road is participating this escape with him. The clock is winding. It is morning again, are you ready, to escape?


by Icey He

Cities packed with people can actually make one feel disconnected, anonymous, and socially isolated.  This is a video essay about the dynamics of living in a city and the dream of escape to a slower life.​

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Instructor: Dr. Kal NG
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