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Visual Research Methods


Research Projects

Singing Life

by Li Jiacheng & Wang Wenwen

In Mong Kok, there are some singing lounges. You only need to pay a small fee to spend your whole evening there. Add another $20 or so, and you can have a singer to sing your favorite song. The singers, musicians and clients in these places are usually working class Hong Kongers. The music they play was once very popular but now forgotten. In these small corners of Hong Kong, the director interviewed and documented the life stories of these people.

Old Famous Store

Kwun Kui is a barbershop located in North Point. The shop has a long history and was covered by local media. The crew members read the feature stories about this shop and decided to interview the old master about his life and times. However, when they entered the barbershop, their request for interview is denied. They didn’t give up though. They stayed in the shop for a day, and tried to strike conversations with everyone there, barbers, janitors, and clients. They even had their hair done there. Gradually, they broke the ice and built a pleasant relationship with people. They document all these encounters with their camera, and bring us to the history of this old famous house.

Hiding Things

Hong Kong is shoppers’ paradise. It seems that we are always buying things. However the director notices that after a day’s shopping, a lot of people choose to hide their purchase from their friends and family. Why is that? In this film, she interviewed shoppers (single, married, in a relationship, etc.) and salespeople to get their perspective on this interesting phenomenon.

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Instructor: Dr. Hanna Wirman
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