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Documentary Shorts

Boat Family

by Hong Kejie, Li Chengyu, Xie Yongjie and Zhang Yihui

He chuyi and Chen daimei are native fishermen in Sai Kung. They have been insisting on familial fishery for years, while their contemporaries have already abandoned this arduous work and turned to other means to make a living. Though having stepped into their early 60s, they still start fishing every midnight so as to bring fresh and juicy fish to local residents very early in the morning. Their fishing vessel is not only an instrument, but has been regarded as a part of their life, where the most cherished traditions and spirits of Hong Kong are deeply embedded in.


by Chen Chen, Yan Yan, Xu Jing

A-Kwan looks honest and shy, doing the same carpentry work repeatedly day after day, which also acts as a particular means for him to make a living. He lives in Hong Kong, a metropolis full of modern skyscrapers, where people are pushed to work in a high-speed and business-driven way. Unlike the typical business white-collars in this city, A-Kwan adheres to his familial woodcut craftsmanship as a tree sticks to its roots. Instead of living a comfortable life leaning on the established business of his family, he bears alienations and loneliness in order to pass on the tradition, through which he has found the essence of life.  

Grandma Siu Lam

by Hu Yiwei, Deng Yadi, Wu Qian, Fu Yongtong

Grandma Siu Lam is nearly 80 years old. She used to be a worker in Chaozhou, mainland China, and dreamed of becoming a costume designer one day. In 1980s, she moved to Hong Kong with her family and restarted clothing design with her daughter’s support. All the clothes are made out of comfortable material, designed into a vintage style and she offers tailor-made service as well. Meanwhile, she creates and runs her Facebook page by herself that makes her clothes very welcomed especially among the young groups. This film documents how she transforms from a “tailor” to an “artist”.

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Documentary Shorts


by Huang Yuqing, Tang Yuze, Yang Cheng

To express a demand for true democracy, some students from CUHK’s Cultural and Religious Studies department organized a strike group and spontaneously participated in the Umbrella Movement. Karl is a member of this strike group. He is always very active, but is affected by the pressure from society and family at the same time. The mood of Karl fluctuates with the development of the movement. Karl says that while everything has undergone too many changes since that time, the most important thing is that the Umbrella Movement allowed him to truly grow up.

Mr. Yau, Umbrella King

by Chen Pinyu, Chen Jining, and Wang Yunzhu

Mr.Yau, who has run an umbrella shop in Sham Sui Po for 30 years, is a man with a big gray beard and a bright laugh. He is so patient to tell people how to cherish their umbrella, and has fixed so many old umbrellas that carried colorful memories and stories. At the same time, he always makes lots of original handcrafts. In his eyes, umbrellas are alive, handcrafts are alive; everything is alive with stories, and he enjoys the world.

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The Bee Keepers

by Shen Qian, Chen Xin, and Wang Siyu

THE BEE KEEPERS tells the story about inheriting the traditional manual skill of bee feeding between the bee farm owner, Mr.Yep and his son, Hugo. By recording their daily activities and monologues, we raise awareness about the urgent existing situation of disappearing traditional handicrafts and reflect upon the attitudes of a new generation dealing with the traditions handed down from the older generations of the family.

The Pursuit of Dream

Man Shan’s life cannot be separated from Cantonese opera. Although she is not a professional performer, she perseveres in her dream of performing Cantonese opera on stage. In order to prepare for a performance in a community center, Man Shan seeks advice from her instructor and rehearses with her young partner. However, obstacles such as lack of talent and her being the age of 30 rather frustrate her. Will Man Shan’s perseverance pay off, or does she just overestimate her ability? Is her pursuit of dream an inspirational story, or is she simply daydreaming?

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City Farmers

by Li Juntong and Rebeka Tam

The life of Becky and her family used to be tranquil and peaceful in Ma Shi Po Village, northern Fanling. But something started to break the happiness about ten years ago. Villagers were forced to move, the agricultural land was bought out. Implementation of the development plan of the northeast New Territories also has made Becky’s home run-down in recent years. Finally, they have begun to fight for their home, through starting a community farm, telling their stories to the media and doing guided tours. They insist on doing these things although the results are not very good. This film aims to show you, in this highly developed financial city,  what makes Becky and her family choose the farm land instead of the new house and compensation.

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Instructor: Dr. Li Tiecheng
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