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The MA in Visual Culture Studies was founded in 2007 to address a need to build a curriculum around analytical knowledge and audio-visual literacies to enhance the study of various forms of visual culture such as contemporary art, media and popular culture.


It is well known that students nowadays are a visually-oriented media generation, who are exploring new behaviours and identities around visual culture and digital media platforms. The programme wants to build courses that outline historical contexts, theoretical frameworks and applied artistic and managerial approaches to understand this far-reaching change in cultural learning and audio-visual literacies.


Cultural learning here is understood as integrated methods for critically analyzing and producing aspects of art, media and culture. This approach is different from journalism or film studies, as it allows students to explore emerging cultural-technological genres and platforms by means of academic work and creative-technological exercises.

For further information about our programme’s admissions, curriculum,  and faculties, please visit our department’s website.


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