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Symposium on East Asian Pornographies and Online Porn Cultures

2:30pm-5:30pm, October 18, 2019, Science Center SC L1


This symposium contributes to the field of pornography studies by rethinking the cultural impact of pornography as audio-visual and online media from an East Asian perspective. It specifically focuses on innovative female-friendly and gay pornographies and artworks made and consumed in and across Japan, China and Hong Kong. We would like to examine these underreported East Asian cultures of pornography, not only to uncover phenomena from within this region, but also to challenge and fine-tune existing academic research networks and paradigms. 


Panel 1: Rethinking feminist and queer pornography (2:30pm-4pm)

  • Alexandra Hambleton, Tsuda University, Objectifying or Educating, Porn, Feminism and Masculinity in Contemporary Japan

  • Sonia Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, “Queer Porn”: Situating lesbian identity and sexuality in the pornoscape and sexualscape of Hong Kong

  • Yang Jing, Heidelberg University, Reenacting a naked dream: 9mouth and staged nudity photo on Chinese social networks


Panel 2: Aspirational masculinity and surveillance in the gay pornosphere (4:15pm-5:15pm)


  • Thomas Baudinette, Macquarie University, Aspirations for ‘Japanese gay masculinity’: Comparing Chinese and Japanese men’s consumption of porn star Koh Masaki

  • Katrien Jacobs, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Smouldering Pornographies on the Chinese Internet


Concluding Remarks 

  • Benny Lim, Chinese University of Hong Kong